BIPOC Therapy Toronto

Oftentimes the voices of people of colour are underrepresented in therapy. Studies have shown that people of colour are less likely to be given treatment for mental health problems, and are less likely to seek out help for their mental health problems. While there may be cultural factors at play as to why that is, nonetheless one cannot ignore the fact that proper, culturally appropriate mental health support for people of colour is difficult to access. For one, there is a lack of qualified therapists who have specialized diversity training and who are aware of some of the challenges which face clients of colour. Some issues that may come up may not be personal problems, but rather systemic problems such as racism, being denied the same opportunities, difficulty fitting in different predominantly “white” spaces, criminalization and stereotyping and more. Oftentimes as well therapists who are not from the same background as their clients can have difficulty understanding the intricate and complex factors at play for their clients in terms of culture. Furthermore, conceptualizing all clients from a western and white perspective can even prove harmful as many clients do not identify with the same values. It is important that you look for a therapist who is able to meet you where you are at and who is willing to explore the issues you are dealing with from multiple perspectives.

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