LGBTQ2+ Therapist Toronto

Seeking support for your mental health is not always easy. Finding the right kind of care can be  especially challenging for disadvantaged and marginalized populations which have historically been suppressed, silenced, and dismissed in our communities. Individuals who are a part of the LGBTQ2+ are one such community which has unfortunately been devalued in our society. LGBTQ2+ individuals face unique challenges when trying to access mental health services.Members of the lgbtq+ community are often stigmatized and discriminated against, and unfortunately suffer many consequences as a result of this treatment. In fact, members of this community have higher rates of mental health illnesses when compared to the rest of the population.  Some barriers to treatment include lack of training of healthcare providers in dealing with issues unique to this population, being worried and afraid of being judged for their sexual orientation or lifestyle choices, lack of cultural competency of mental health providers, sociocultural barriers, and stigma coming from friends and family. Often as a result of this maltreatment stemming from societal and cultural barriers, members of the LGBTQ+ population suffer from higher rates of depression, anxiety, interpersonal issues, feelings of isolation, loneliness and not being able to “fit in”, and other issues relating to identity. Working with a therapist who has first hand experience working with such populations is crucial to meeting the mental health needs of this population, as well as increased cultural competency training to understand the unique experiences and perspectives of the LGBTQ2+ populations.

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