Low Energy or Low Testosterone


Testosterone plays a role in both males and females, however it is particularly important for men’s health as male levels of it in the blood need to be much higher to maintain good health.  Healthy testosterone levels in men support good physical strength, a healthy energy level, mood, sleep, sexual function, and even heart health.  Testosterone levels reduce naturally with age especially over 40, but increasingly, younger men are testing low for testosterone.  This can result in fatigue, depression, decreased stamina, insomnia, infertility, and sexual dysfunction. 

Overall health is a good predictor of testosterone levels.  Low levels are associated with obesity, smoking, diabetes and insulin resistance which is the precursor to diabetes. One major reason for this is the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in deeper abdominal fat tissue.  This is why a healthy diet, lifestyle and exercise regime are vital for sufficient testosterone. Identifying and addressing low levels particularly in men younger than 50 who show symptoms of deficiency, is one important way to prevent the development of full-fledged disease.  Healthy levels are even associated with a lower incidence of prostate cancer. 

How Our Approach is Different

We don’t just focus on the hormone levels, but on the underlying reasons why it might be low – from metabolic issues to diet and lifestyle to hormonal imbalance.  For example, we also test for adrenal gland health when we order blood tests. The adrenal glands produce androgens like testosterone and interact with men’s health significantly.  Our Toronto naturopaths are detectives who help uncover the real reasons for hormonal imbalance. 

We use herbal medicine, nutrition and supplementation to balance hormones, stimulate sufficient production of testosterone and remove obstacles to normal body function.  These have little to no risk or side effects when used with professional guidance at appropriate doses and forms. Our Toronto naturopaths are experts in natural medicine and aim to strengthen and balance body systems instead of creating a long-term dependency on any substance.

Finally, our focus is holistic.  Low testosterone increases the risk of many chronic illnesses including diabetes and heart disease.  Our assessment includes all the factors contributing to long term health and our treatments focus on the foundations of health rather than exclusively on the blood level of testosterone, so the benefit spreads far beyond the initial improvements in energy, mood and sexual function. 

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