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Benign prostatic hyperplasia is when the prostate slowly starts to enlarge, leading to  problems with urination causing a weak stream, being unable to empty the bladder, and having dripping or urine frequency. BPH is generally not a danger but can be very uncomfortable, and is best treated early at the first signs of symptoms in order to stop the growth of the prostate and avoid surgery.  BPH is generally defined as a testosterone problem, or more specifically, a by product of testosterone called DHT.  There are great natural products to help clear out excess DHT and stop the prostate growth without sexual problems.

When the prostate gland becomes infected or inflamed men will have a very painful condition called prostatitis.  While it’s important to identify the cause of this problem, the bigger concern is stopping this condition from becoming a long lasting issue, which commonly happens.  Many men can suffer for years unnecessarily.   The good news is that by using natural methods to heal the prostate and reduce inflammation you will also help protect the body from other inflammatory issues like heart attacks.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a serious problem for men of all ages.  This can be a condition associated with weak blood flow, low testosterone, burnout due to stress, or anxiety.  Often there is just not enough investigation and the root cause is never addressed.  There are some great lab tests to identify the root cause and know what is the right natural products for you.  You don’t need to live with this concern and the treatment often makes men feel more confident in their overall life from better general health.

Low testosterone is a natural part of aging but for some men this can come too early in life or drop too low.  Many men have low testosterone but according to the lab test is still in the normal range, but is at the lower end of normal.  This often leaves men feeling tired, less confident, having a lack of sex drive and generally not well.  There is no reason to suffer with low testosterone with natural herbs and vitamins the testosterone can be restored and having you feeling great again.

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Our Plan

Our assessment includes comprehensive blood work that goes far beyond testosterone, so we can identify the root causes of your concerns and address your obstacles to healing. Our Naturopathic Doctors take your entire history into account, as well as all aspects of your current health, which helps form a treatment plan tailored to you. This may include nutritional changes, herbal medicines and supplements, counselling, and acupuncture.

What Makes Us Different

While there are many popular natural products to support men’s health, we know that men’s health is the complex result of other areas such as inflammation levels, digestive health, hormone processing, lifestyle, nutrition and mind-body dynamics. We expertly apply cutting edge natural medicines that effectively support and treat men’s health, at the same time as we engage with these root causes of wellbeing so that our treatment plans are effective and produce long lasting results.

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