Addiction Therapist Toronto

Addiction or the act of being  dependent on a specific substance or a particular activity is one of the most complex and intricate forms of mental health concerns. Addictions are so complex as they all have not only a biological component which causes the physical symptoms of dependence itself, but also addiction is very much social, psychological, emotional and even cultural. The consumption of substances overtime, or partaking in a particular activity which is used as an escape for difficult feelings can turn into a dependence which can then eventually become an addiction. Individuals who experience addictions often feel as though they have no control over their problems and that they are helpless in being able to manage their substance use. Reasons why individuals develop substance abuse disorders is also very complicated. Studies have shown there is a genetic component to addiction where addictions often run in families. People who misuse drugs and other substances also often do so as a form of self medication to deal with trauma, bad memories, extreme stress, depression and other overwhelming feelings. Treatment for addictive behaviours can come in many different ways. When thinking about getting help for substance abuse and addictions it is important that your clinician takes a personalized approach to be able to meet your needs and understand the full scope of the issue. Cognitive behavioral therapy is widely used today in  treating addictions and substance abuse disorders. CBT teaches people who are recovering from various addictions to find the connection between their thoughts, feelings, and actions, and also increases awareness of how these things affect recovery and journey to healing. Apart from CBT, motivational interviewing has also been shown to be helpful in helping people change. This form of therapy seeks to understand and increase people’s intrinsic motivations which can spur them to make changes and maintain them.

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