Anger Management Therapy

Anger Management Therapy Toronto

We all know what anger is and what it feels like. While anger is a common and normal human emotion, when taken to extremes can cause many issues in our personal life, how we see ourselves, our interpersonal relationships and more. Oftentimes, people who experience uncontrollable anger and rage can feel as though anger is ruling their lives and they have no way of managing it which can lead to more anger or despair. Therapy can help when dealing with extreme and seemingly uncontrollable anger. Talk therapy can help by helping you identify your emotions, mapping out the cycle of anger, what is triggering the anger and even explore why. Through talk therapy you can learn to express your needs in more healthy and productive ways in a manner that is not aggressive but assertive. Anger management therapy can look different for every individual. Some common tools and techniques used are mindfulness relaxation which can help you become more grounded and present in the moment, cognitive restructuring therapy which can help you organize your thoughts into words, and interpersonal therapy which can focus on your relationships with others and how to communicate effectively.

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