Anxiety Attacks

Naturopath Treatment for Anxiety Toronto

Anxiety attacks, also known as panic attacks are sudden episodes of feeling intense fear or panic. Such attacks cause  extreme discomfort  and can be sudden, crippling and unexpected. Anxiety attacks often may not have an identifiable trigger and may even happen “out of the blue”. Often people who suffer from panic attacks can have ​​ strong, excessive, and persistent worries and fears about normal day to day  situations. Such worries can then spiral out of control into a full blown panic attack within minutes. Some symptoms include, racing heart beat, cold sweats, fainting, nausea, chest pain and trouble breathing to name a few. Due to the amount of distress, it is common for people who experience anxiety or panic attacks to begin to avoid situations where an attack might happen and therefore this avoidance prevents them from having a productive life. First line treatment for panic attacks includes cognitive behavioural therapy and other forms of talk therapy which help patients identify and respond differently to their panic symptoms and helps them regain a sense of control.

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