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Maternal Health and the Postpartum Period

Put “postpartum” into google, and the top search results that pop up are all about depression.  Did you know that the postpartum period is actually a crucial developmental window (for parents, not just the baby) that sets a precedent for … Read More

pre-period bloating

Tips to reduce Pre-Period Bloating

Let’s face it, getting your period isn’t fun. So many women (myself included) absolutely dread that time of the month. If it was just the period we might be able to deal, but that’s not the issue – it’s everything … Read More


Natural Health Tips for COVID-19 (the Coronavirus)

The biggest thing in the news right now is anything to do with COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus.  So, we thought we would do a blog post with some tips to help you naturally protect yourself against the virus.  There are … Read More


Do Women Experience More Digestive Issues Than Men?

In March we celebrate International Women’s Day.  So, to celebrate all the amazing women out there we wanted to write some blog posts that focus on women’s health.  While there are some obvious topics relating to women’s health like menstrual … Read More


Workout More…in less time!

One of the challenges about working out is that it can be time consuming. Maybe you work full-time and can’t seem to muster up the energy at the end of the day. Maybe you’re a busy mom with your hands … Read More

weight loss

How do I lose weight and keep it off?

This question is answered differently for different people.  Despite decades of fad diets leading to mixed or temporary results, there is not one diet that we all need to follow that will really work as a one-off weight loss plan.  … Read More


What is SIFO (Small Intestinal Fungal Overgrowth)?

Have you heard of SIFO?  You may be more familiar with the term candida, as this has been commonly talked about by healthcare practitioners over the years.  You can still find products in the health food stores for candida cleanses.  … Read More

cosmetic acupuncture

What is Cosmetic Acupuncture?

In short, cosmetic acupuncture is the anti-aging aid for your skin. Your skin is THE largest organ of the body. It takes up around 7% of your body’s total weight. Think of it is a map that reflects the harmony … Read More


Can I change my FSH level?

If you’re undergoing the fertility journey, then you likely know about FSH (follicle stimulating hormone.  For  women, your level of FSH is dependent on the feedback loop between your ovaries and your pituitary gland.  Because the pituitary gland is a … Read More

egg quality

Can I Improve Egg Quality in my 30’s?

Yes.  Colloquial knowledge is that females are born with their eggs already formed.  But did you know that in order to produce a mature, viable egg each month, the eggs we’re born with, called primordial follicles, go through an extensive … Read More