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food intolerance test

Food Intolerance Tests & Food Sensitivities

We’re continuing the conversation this week around food intolerance tests, and whether a patient should get one to find out about food sensitivities.  Last week we talked about factors that will affect the test results. For Part 1 of this … Read More

food intolerance test

Should I get a food intolerance test?

We usually get a number of people calling in about the food intolerance test, and these people are often suffering with something like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).  There’s usually a lot of questions around the test such as “should I … Read More

Food Allergies

Food Allergies vs. Sensitivities

“Food allergies” are a common concern amongst those we treat here at Greystones Health. With all the talk about food allergies, we thought we’d address a few frequently asked questions in this blog-style post, and let you know how your … Read More

sleep and mental health

Sleep for Mental Health

In times of uncertainty, globally or personally, sleep is sometimes the first thing to get affected.  Emotions like fear, worry, grief and sadness keep us searching for answers, glued to our screens, or looking for distraction.  It can be hard … Read More

food cravings and mood

Food Cravings and Mental Health

These are stressful times we live in right now, that is for sure.  A very common coping mechanism to soothe our stress, anxiety or depression is with food.  This is when we crave those comfort foods the most to help … Read More

exercise for mental health

Exercise for Mental Health: How to get Started

Last week our Toronto naturopath, Dr. Sahar Tabrizi, talked about the benefits of exercise for mental health.  This week she is going to give you tips on how to get started.  Now if you’re thinking, “I get it, but I … Read More

exercise for mental health

Exercise for Mental Health

The benefits of exercise on health and well-being are nothing new, and has been well documented in the literature. But why exactly is exercising so important for mental health? And how does one get started when they’re in a rut? … Read More


Planning for Postpartum

If you’re currently pregnant, your main concerns are probably around labour and birth, and not postpartum care. That’s completely normal especially with the challenges we face in current times and the stress of birthing during a pandemic.  Our Toronto Naturopaths, … Read More


Maternal Health and the Postpartum Period

Put “postpartum” into google, and the top search results that pop up are all about depression.  Did you know that the postpartum period is actually a crucial developmental window (for parents, not just the baby) that sets a precedent for … Read More

pre-period bloating

Tips to reduce Pre-Period Bloating

Let’s face it, getting your period isn’t fun. So many women (myself included) absolutely dread that time of the month. If it was just the period we might be able to deal, but that’s not the issue – it’s everything … Read More