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sexual dysfunction

Men’s Sexual Dysfunction Happening Too Young?

Erectile dysfunction is common in men over 50.  However, recent surveys have shown that around half of all men in their 30’s and 40’s are experiencing some degree of sexual dysfunction that they feel is a problem.  It’s not often … Read More

Holiday Eating Tips

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday season!  As we walk along the streets and browse inside crowded malls, we’re bombarded with tempting treats like flavored holiday beverages at coffee shops, and packaged treats and goodies. No matter … Read More

Acid Reflux and the Acid Paradox

Symptoms like heartburn and acid reflux as well as pretty much any indigestion are sometimes blamed on “too much stomach acid.”  While too much acid can certainly end up in the esophagus, where it should not be, the important question … Read More

Cold and Flu Mythbuster Series Part 1

It’s that time of year again – cold and flu season.  And although we’ve had warm bursts of weather, it’s still a good time to prepare yourself (and your immune system) for cold and flu season.  We’ve done some blog … Read More

How Long Til I’m Better?

One of the main questions our Toronto naturopath gets asked by people is “how long do you think this will take?”.   Of course, what they are referring to is the length of their treatment plan, or how long until they feel better, … Read More

Natural Options for Better Digestion

Our digestion is something we can easily take for granted when it’s working well.  When our digestion is working efficiently we can eat without a care, and not even realize all the different processes involved in order to turn our … Read More

How to Beat Bloating

Bloating  – there is nothing worse than indulging in your favorite meal, only to be left with the uncomfortable pain of carrying around a “food baby” for the rest of the day. Unfortunately bloating is a common occurrence for a … Read More

Natural Treatment for Acid Reflux

Last week we talked about what can cause acid reflux, and this week we want to talk about some natural treatment for acid reflux. Last week we hinted at improving the digestive process by starting from the beginning.  To do this … Read More

Relief for Acid Reflux

Acid reflux (aka heartburn or GERD) can be very uncomfortable, and when the symptoms are at their peak, it can affect a person’s quality of life.  We have heard stories from patients who suffer with acid reflux where they’re up … Read More

Leaky Gut- What is it and How to Deal with It

One of the latest buzz words in the health community is leaky gut. When you first hear the term “leaky gut” your mind is likely flooded by images of a dripping faucet and a whole lot of mess to clean … Read More