Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is considered a Mood Disordered and is often treated with medication and Psychotherapy.  however, at Greystones Health we combine the tools of Naturopathic Medicine to truly take on a Mind-Body approach.  As Psychotherapy explores the individual’s thoughts, emotions and past events, we add in the Naturopathic tools to look for inflammation, food intolerances, gut-brain concerns, blood sugar problems that don’t show up on standard blood work, hormone balance (testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone need to have a healthy balance for both females and males), and consider stress hormones like cortisol levels.  There are natural products to help balance serotonin and Gaba to help keep the nervous system calm and better able to engage in the psychotherapy process.  This combination of Psychotherapy along with Naturopathic support has been very powerful and has been very successful.  

As the individuals, biochemistry improves and their emotional coping skills develop, we additionally improve energy and health behaviours like diet and exercise that the person had often found too challenging to start or maintain.  

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