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Naturopathic Support with Anxiety and Depression

It isn’t hard to believe that the pandemic has caused mental health to decline overall as we have all experienced so many unprecedented changes in our lives such as decreased time socializing, income loss and difficulty meeting financial obligations. According … Read More

How Psychotherapy Works: Conversations About Depression and Anxiety

Today we’re talking about Psychotherapy to our Toronto psychotherapist Faith Mottahedi MA., Ph. D (candidate) R.P (Q), CCC, who recently joined our team at Greystones Health. Faith has completed a bachelor’s in Health Science from the University of Ottawa, as … Read More


How Can Women Get Back (Or Keep) Their Libido?

It’s late. And you have a headache.  But what’s really behind that lack of sexual interest you’ve been feeling for a while?  When the relationship itself is in a good place, and you’re there in theory… just not in body, … Read More


How do I keep my energy up this winter?

When the sun sets before 5:00 p.m. and time outdoors is limited, work and routines pile up, and the cold/flu season starts to make its impact along with the colder weather, most people feel a marked difference in their energy … Read More


Diabetes risk and PPI Use

Since November is diabetes awareness month we are dedicating this month’s blog posts to information about diabetes, and how naturopathic medicine can help.  For today’s post, before we start talking about diabetes, we need to first discuss a very common … Read More


Insulin and Diabetes

In light of diabetes awareness month, we’d like to focus on explaining all things insulin. Did you know, you can develop insulin resistance before you’re ever diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? And it’s not as uncommon as you’d think. Insulin … Read More


Supporting Mental Health Part 3 (Anxiety)

Last week we talked about panic and panic attacks, and this week we want to talk a bit more about anxiety.  While the two can be very similar, anxiety can present different symptoms and challenges for people. Did you know … Read More


Supporting Mental Health Part 2 (Panic)

This month we are talking about some common topics around mental health such as fear, panic, anxiety, and depression.  Although all four of these things can be influenced by each other, and can be experienced all together at the same … Read More


Supporting Mental Health: Part 1

October is mental health awareness month, so we thought we would dedicate this month’s blog posts to topics about mental health support.  Earlier in the year we wrote a couple of posts how exercise can help support mental health – … Read More

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Immune Boosting Tips for Cold & Flu Season

The fall is commonly known as the start of cold and flu season.  However, in actuality, colds and flu are around all year– they’re just more prevalent in months with colder weather.  Now throw COVID-Sars into the mix and we’ve … Read More