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Do men experience Postpartum?

We’re continuing the blog theme from last week about hormonal changes for men as they enter fatherhood, with our Toronto Naturopath, Dr. Julia Segal. This week we are talking about testosterone.  For a quick recap on last week’s post, click … Read More

hormonal change

What happens to a man’s hormones when he becomes a father?

You may be surprised to know that it isn’t just women who experience vast hormonal change during pregnancy and postpartum. The hormonal changes that fathers experience are driven by their amount of involvement with their partner and baby, and can … Read More


Top Herbs to Boost Testosterone

When we think testosterone, we think male libido. But in addition to helping with sexual function, it also plays an important role in growth, strengthening bones, and production of red blood cells. Naturally, testosterone slowly declines after the age of … Read More

male hair loss

Do you suffer from male hair loss?

Male pattern baldness is not the only way to have male hair loss.  So let’s start by talking about male pattern baldness, which is a condition that has thinning or balding around the top of the head.  This thinning can … Read More

sexual dysfunction

Men’s Sexual Dysfunction Happening Too Young?

Erectile dysfunction is common in men over 50.  However, recent surveys have shown that around half of all men in their 30’s and 40’s are experiencing some degree of sexual dysfunction that they feel is a problem.  It’s not often … Read More