Fertility and PCOS

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Lifestyle Changes and PCOS- A chat with our Toronto Naturopath

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How to maintain weight loss goals during a busy holiday season

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How to maintain fitness goals over the holiday season

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Our new Toronto naturopathic doctor’s perspective on PCOS

We talked to our new Toronto naturopathic Dr Francesca Reis ND about what PCOS is, and what her approach is to treatment. Dr Reis is licensed through the College of Naturopaths of Ontario, and a member of the Canadian Association … Read More

A Deep Dive into the Effects of the Pandemic on our Mental Health- A Chat with our Toronto Psychotherapist

We asked Toronto psychotherapist Faith about the effects that the pandemic has had on our mental health. Throughout the pandemic, there has been an increase (56%) in young adults from ages 18-24 reporting symptoms of anxiety and/or a depressive disorder … Read More

Naturopathic Support with Anxiety and Depression

It isn’t hard to believe that the pandemic has caused mental health to decline overall as we have all experienced so many unprecedented changes in our lives such as decreased time socializing, income loss and difficulty meeting financial obligations. According … Read More

How Psychotherapy Works: Conversations About Depression and Anxiety

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How Can Women Get Back (Or Keep) Their Libido?

It’s late. And you have a headache.  But what’s really behind that lack of sexual interest you’ve been feeling for a while?  When the relationship itself is in a good place, and you’re there in theory… just not in body, … Read More


How do I keep my energy up this winter?

When the sun sets before 5:00 p.m. and time outdoors is limited, work and routines pile up, and the cold/flu season starts to make its impact along with the colder weather, most people feel a marked difference in their energy … Read More