Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment Toronto


Sadness and feeling sad is a normal human experience, and while it may be typical to feel sad for a few days, when sadness is experienced over prolonged periods of time it can turn into depression. When sadness turns into depression one can feel hopelessness, a sense of being out of control of one’s life and an overall feeling of meaninglessness in one’s life. As such, depression can interfere in almost every aspect of one’s life. Depression can look different for everyone and is a combination of both one’s environment and personal biology. Depression can be treated using talk therapy and therapy has shown to be effective in reducing depressive symptoms. Some common modalities commonly used to treat depression are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which helps draw connections between how our thoughts relate to our feelings and later our actions. It  works by restructuring our negative thoughts to promote more habits that can increase our overall sense of well-being. Interpersonal Therapy can also be helpful. his type of treatment focuses on one’s personal relationships, how we attach to others, how we communicate and how we resolve conflict. Other treatments also exist and you and your therapist can co-create a plan that fits your situation.

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