Emotion Focused Therapy

Emotion Focused Therapy Toronto

Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) is a specific kind of talk therapy which was developed in the 1980’s. It draws from the humanistic theories of psychology which asserts that humans are fundamentally good. These kinds of therapists look primary at the person and are therefore person centred. The basic premise in EFT states that our personal identities are inherently tied to our emotions and feelings. EFT is a scientifically proven and evidence based treatment for several different issues, and can be used with individuals, couples and families alike. It aims to help us understand how we use our emotions in our day to day lives and how our emotions guide and control our thoughts and also our choices. Emotions can be adaptive and maladaptive. Maladaptive emotions can cause maladaptive responses and cause issues such as depression, anxiety, hopelessness, helplessness and more. In Emotion-FocusedTherapy (EFT), the therapist promotes the client’s ability to deal with emotions so that emotions change and give way to other healthier emotions. They guide clients to connect and express various aspects of certain emotions they want to change.

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