How do I lose weight and keep it off?

weight loss

This question is answered differently for different people.  Despite decades of fad diets leading to mixed or temporary results, there is not one diet that we all need to follow that will really work as a one-off weight loss plan.  While it’s true that human research studies are converging on carbohydrate restriction as the most reliable approach to weight loss (and fat restriction as ineffective for most people), many people experience significant uncertainty and stress in implementing this. This leads to ultimately getting more disconnected from their bodies, causing an eventual rebound into old eating habits (or worse).  And while intuitive eating is another popular ideal, sometimes when we’re also having issues with hormones or inflammation, intuition is not available to us as in this disconnected state.

Should I do the ketogenic diet?  Gluten-free?  Paleo? For how long and what should that look like?  What about this or that food, should I include it? Should I be having any alternative sweeteners? What do I do when a diet works for weight loss but leaves my digestion or energy feeling off? Should I be worried about cholesterol or electrolytes? People are truly unique, and our Toronto naturopaths bring their clinical experience and functional medicine expertise to help guide you as an individual. This way, protocols or diets become a tool, not a rigid or moralistic practice.  As our patients get well, we support them in listening to their bodies to navigate further.

Rather than a diet, our naturopaths lead patients through a personalized process, so that we can ultimately find a way to eat and live consistently that feels fulfilling and satisfying but also keeps us in a weight range that we’re comfortable with.  There are many diets that will lead to temporary weight loss, but if they’re not a match for the individual’s hormonal health, metabolic state, mental health and lifestyle, blood sugar balance ,health history and digestive health, then they may do more damage than good in the long run.

Our Naturopaths identify the best plan for each patient through a combination of their in-depth health assessment, thorough blood testing, and holistic approach that includes each body system.  They consider all aspects of a patient’s lifestyle, including sleep, stress, lifestyle and mental health, and they plan out all the details collaboratively with patients.  They support patients one step at a time in navigating their weight loss journey.  An obstacle along the way may indicate a need for a tweak or change in the approach, which is much less of a stumbling block when you have expert guidance. Our patients usually tell us that the cravings and hunger they thought would hold them back, are all gone – yet they feel they have the flexibility to travel, celebrate, or eat out periodically.  That’s because with personalized guidance, our patients learn how to prioritize for the way their bodies work.

True health and resilience leads to feeling more energetic and balanced, with less inflammation, while feeling great in your body.  It just might not look exactly the same as your neighbour’s.

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