How to maintain fitness goals over the holiday season

We are talking to our Toronto Naturopath Dr. Sahar Tabrizi ND today about her tips on how to maintain fitness goals during this holiday season.

The holiday season comes with gathering and reuniting with loved ones and friends, as well as family traditions that can include extravagant meals and holiday baking. For those who are trying to maintain their health and fitness during this time or weight loss goals, this can be a challenging time. 

What are some tips that you would give to those who are trying to focus on staying fit and healthy during this busy time?

“Make sure that before things get super busy (before the second or third week of December) with Christmas shopping and planning, pre-plan your workouts and how many days per week you are going to commit to that plan during the holidays. This includes planning your exercise around social gatherings. If you’re a big fan of social gatherings, try to incorporate your workouts in with your family or friends. An example of this could be planning an hour yoga session with everyone as mat work is easiest done at home. Going to the mall instead of doing all of your shopping online is also great exercise and can be quite productive as you are checking off that gift list and getting in some cardio at the same time!”

Who knew that holiday shopping at the mall counts as exercise? Dr. Tabrizi ND has shown us that there are many ways of incorporating those fitness goals into your daily life, whether it be using a planner, planning workouts with others or ditching that laptop for real life shopping.

Next week, we will be looking at how to maintain weight loss goals during this busy time of the year with Dr. Tabrizi ND.

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