How to maintain weight loss goals during a busy holiday season

Last week we talked to Toronto Naturopath Dr. Tabrizi ND regarding her tips on how to stay healthy and fit during the holiday season. The holiday season can be a time full of joy and happiness. Gathering with family and friends after a long time away from each other can be so uplifting. At the same time, this time can be difficult for those who are trying to keep on top of their goals for health and fitness, such as weight loss goals. We asked Dr. Tabrizi ND how to maintain weight loss goals during this time that can often be challenging for many: 

“If you’re trying to lose weight, it is important to have an accountability partner and have somebody create a plan for you this month. It’s a challenging month to maintain goals. If you do not have someone to keep you accountable, a calendar or planner is your best friend. When going to a family or friends house, eat whatever you want! Food is such an essential part of our culture, so we do want to plan around that.”


Before going to that dinner, eat a bag of raw veggies sticks or half a cup of assorted nuts. That way you are full off of fibre. You can also take a digestive enzyme. That way, you won’t be mindlessly filling up your plate and can instead find ways to improve digestion and enjoy the meal.


We also asked Dr. Tabrizi what tips she offers to those trying to maintain their weight loss goals and how to help their digestive system post-event:

“For those who are used to eating in a certain way, going to an event and consuming everything at the same time can be a lot for the digestive system. For the post event, consuming a digestive tea, apple cider vinegar, or a digestive enzyme will aid the digestive system.”

So next time you have that family dinner or dinner gathering with friends, don’t sweat it! Using these suggestions from Dr. Tabrizi to maintain those weight loss goals may help you during this busy season.

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