Natural Treatment for Infertility

While the more traditional definition of infertility has a focus on women, such as Infertility is the inability to become pregnant and/or carry the pregnancy to term, we also know that infertility can affect men.  In fact, rates of infertility in men are on the increase.  While it is hard to pinpoint an exact cause, one belief is that environmental factors are contributing to this.  We live in a world with a lot of pollution whether its from pesticides in our food, toxins in our water, toxins in the air, and not to mention constant exposure to plastic which affects our hormone production.  All of these factors over time can have an impact on an individual’s fertility.  There are other factors such as stress, poor diet, and lack of exercise that can contribute as well.  The point is – there are lots of unknown variables that can affect infertility.


How we can help

In addition to the reasons listed above, the whole act of trying for a baby without success can also create stress, which ultimately affects your infertility.  So what are you to do?

Our belief, no matter what health concern we are treating, is to address the root cause.  In order to assess all potential factors that are contributing to infertility, our naturopathic doctor offers a very thorough initial appointment.  This will include a detailed medical history, dietary and lifestyle assessment, and the option for lab work.  Our Toronto naturopath can offer lab work that goes beyond regular blood tests in that he can send you for food intolerance testing, and stress hormone testing.  We can also offer fertility acupuncture (for both men and women), nutritional and herbal natural products to support improved egg and sperm quality.  And of course this all builds upon our diet and lifestyle foundations suggested from your medical history.  We also have the ability to refer you to a wonderful fertility clinic that is just steps away from our clinic location.

We can offer treatment plans for couples, or individuals, and can provide naturopathic and nutrition support whether you want to address infertility naturally, with medical intervention, or in combination with medical intervention.

We know that this process can be stressful so on top of what we can offer through naturopathic and nutrition consultations, we can also recommend some other great practitioners that can help provide emotional support as well.  The bottom line is, we believe in a treatment approach that covers all areas for support.


How we are different

By taking a holistic approach to infertility, which means we not only look at the physical body, but also the emotional and mental aspects around infertility as well, we can provide a treatment plan that offers support where you need it most.

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Our focus on naturally healing the skin to clear up acne, psoriasis, and eczema without medications, is based on healing from the inside out. That is, when you address the underlying cause for the skin condition. In holistic medicine, we look at the whole person, not just the condition, such as acne. 

If you are only treating the skin condition topically then you are not addressing the root cause, which means the condition is likely to keep recurring. In our experience, the majority of skin conditions result from some type of digestive disorder, which is in turn linked to hormones. It’s a matter of identifying that root cause and setting you on your path to healthy skin.

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