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Migraines are usually one-sided headaches and can involve symptoms like throbbing pain, nausea and sensitivity to light or sound. According to our Toronto naturopath, they may worsen from physical activity, and many migraine sufferers must rest or decrease their activity level.  The most common location of migraine pain is in the front of the head and around the eyes.  When an aura precedes or accompanies a migraine, it is considered a classic migraine headache.  An aura can include visual disturbances like seeing a pattern of twinkling lights, numbness or tingling, weakness or the inability to talk.  Nausea and vomiting can be more severe with classical migraines.  A migraine can even be experienced in the stomach – termed “abdominal migraine,” this occurs mostly in children. 

Unlike other headaches which may stem purely from muscle tension, migraines are thought to be a neurological disorder reflecting a dysregulation of key brain pathways that modulate sensation. 

Common triggers that bring on migraines include:

  • Foods such as cheese, wine and dark chocolate or others
  • Processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, food additives such as MSG
  • Hormonal changes and menstrual cycles
  • Stress and tension
  • Changes to sleep patterns

How We Can Help

Our natural treatment for migraines begins by identifying the root causes of migraines, and going beyond the triggers that bring one on.  A thorough evaluation of gastrointestinal health, hormones, inflammation levels and key nutrient levels helps us pinpoint the patterns that make migraines frequent or severe.  We order lab tests to help identify or confirm these patterns, and give individualized nutritional plans to help restore these foundations.  Herbal treatments and supplements are chosen both to address relevant root causes for each individual, and to employ evidence-based measures to bring down symptoms.  Food sensitivity testing may be used in the process to identify any specific foods contributing to chronic inflammation and preventing the healing process. 

How We Are Different

By both taking a thorough history and listening to your experience, our Toronto naturopaths are able to empower and support. Our expertise in working with stress, mental and emotional health contributes to our success in treating migraines and allows patients to find what really works for them.

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Our focus on naturally healing the skin to clear up acne, psoriasis, and eczema without medications, is based on healing from the inside out. That is, when you address the underlying cause for the skin condition. In holistic medicine, we look at the whole person, not just the condition, such as acne. 

If you are only treating the skin condition topically then you are not addressing the root cause, which means the condition is likely to keep recurring. In our experience, the majority of skin conditions result from some type of digestive disorder, which is in turn linked to hormones. It’s a matter of identifying that root cause and setting you on your path to healthy skin.

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