Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight loss is so much more then just reducing calories.  We look at your biochemistry to ensure you metabolism is working.  For lifestyle we go beyond exercise and diet, we talk about sleep and the mind-body connection.  Weight loss is about finding a healthy and sustainable life, not crash diets.

Our Areas of Expertise

Weight loss shouldn’t be just another fad diet.  It should ideally be a combination of a detailed medical history which includes comprehensive lab testing that evaluates your hormones, with a look at lifestyle.  For weight loss to last there needs to be positive changes in diet and lifestyle that you love and have no problems maintaining.   We also talk about nutritional and herbal products that can help you achieve your weight loss goals.  We can give you a kick start meal plan (including recipes) and educational material to help you learn how to make dietary and lifestyle changes, and then change over to a customized diet plan.  Weight loss should be about how to look and feel great, be vibrant and is so much more than a fad diet.

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A lot of people think they just need to do a special diet and don’t consider biological factors, such as the thyroid.  Other people go to their doctor and are told that everything is normal on their blood work, but still they can’t lose weight. However, many people have a slow thyroid that is not diagnosed as a hypothyroid but can be blocking your weight loss.   At Greystones Health we can look at your blood work and tell you if your thyroid is affecting your weight loss.

If you have been dealing with weight loss and long term stress, there is a real biological link that could be blocking your goals.  There is a small gland on top of your kidneys that may not be producing enough of adrenal hormone, this leads to more fat development specifically over the abdomen (stomach) area.  There is a simple test to find out if this is a problem for you.  The great part is that we not only get you losing the weight, we also have you feeling more energetic and positive.

When weight loss is not happening no matter what you do, there can be an insulin problem, which is missed because normally only the blood sugar is tested and the actual insulin hormone is not.  It’s important to test insulin levels (along with other factors for weight loss). If there is a insulin problem, there is a great set of nutritional products to improve insulin function and get the weight loss finally happening.

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Our Plan

Having problems with weight can often be about finding the right diet and lifestyle that works for you, and not just the next diet fad. At Greystones Health we look at your goals, your lifestyle and come up with a plan that is right for you. For weight loss to last there needs to be positive changes in diet and lifestyle that you love and have no problems maintaining. We also look at your blood work to ensure there is no biological block in your plan.

What Makes Us Different

With our holistic health assessment that includes your unique body and history, hormonal health, digestive health and inflammation levels, as well as the role of the mind-body connection in weight loss, we leave no stone unturned. We are different because we come up with a customized plan just right for you and we keep refining this plan to ensure long term success.

Greystones Health offers a comprehensive weight loss plan that not only helps you lose weight in the short term, but also educates you about how to maintain a healthy weight for the long-term. Our plan is to educate, motivate and empower our patients to achieve their weight loss goals. 

What’s important is to look at the individual’s health history to identify any obstacles, rather than just talking about how to lose weight. This is essential for long-term success! For example, we will need to investigate if your thyroid is under-functioning, if your growth hormone too low, or if your cortisol hormone is too low and you’re suffering from burnout. Another classic obstacle is stress. We often see patients battling with chronic stress trying to resolve the stress by exercising more, but unfortunately this ends up doing more harm than good, and increasing weight gain.

One of the important measurements we take is to use a special scale to measure your fat and muscle percentage. This is important for long term sustainability to ensure that your muscle mass is increasing – it is only with increased muscle mass that you increase your metabolism.

What we do is to create an individualized plan that identifies your obstacles, helping you to lose weight and feel vibrant and energized.

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