Initial Appointment                        $250.00

Length: 90 Minutes

Includes in-depth medical history, assessment, and treatment plan that addresses the root cause of your health concern


Follow Up Appointments


1 hour                                                 $180.00

45 minutes                                         $135.00

30 minutes                                        $100.00 – standard follow-up 

20 minutes                                         $75.00

15 minutes                                         $60.00


There is no HST on naturopathic services.

For the convenience of our patients we offer direct insurance billing.  Please check with your insurance plan before booking your appointment to confirm that you have coverage for naturopathic services, and that your plan allows for direct insurance billing.

Please note there is a separate charge for any lab fees, such as comprehensive stool analysis tests, food intolerance tests, and any other lab test your naturopath may recommend.  Sometimes lab fees can be included in benefit coverage. Please check with your insurance plan before your appointment.



$155+ hst

50 min sessions


Couple session

$250+ hst

90 min sessions

All sessions have the same price and timing



Initial Appointment*                             $130.00 + hst

Length: 90 Minutes

Includes an in-depth health history and nutrition assessment.  


Follow Up Appointments*

30 minutes                                                 $95.00 + hst

20 minutes                                                 $70.00 + hst


* All appointments include a diet guide with recipes.   There is an additional $20 to upgrade to a customized diet guide.

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