Psychotherapy Toronto

Mind and Body 

Our team of registered Psychotherapists, Naturopathic Doctors, and Nutritionists take an integrative approach to your mental and physical health by working collaboratively and creating a personalized care treatment plan.  We work with patients to provide them with the knowledge and skills to change the way their mind, brain and nervous system reacts to their world. 

We offer a simple process to get started. With convenient in-office and online sessions available, we can offer you appointments that work with your schedule.

At its core, psythotherapy is a collaborative partnership based on mutural trust, respect and rapport.  The therapy provides a safe haven for individuals to dig deeper into their own selves, explore pattens on their lives, and navigate their interpersonal relationships.  The therapy can provide the space and opportinuty for one to learn new ways of thinking, getting in tune with one’s feelings, and learn new ways of reacting to issues which come up in one’s life.  We use scientific and evidence-based methods to help our patients lead healthier, happier and more effective lives.  

Benefits of Psychotherapy

  • Stronger “inner” skills to help cope during challenging times 
  • Improved overall health and quality of life 
  • Stronger “outer” skills to help nurture healthy relationships with others
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Our Plan

We believe in a holistic approach to mental health; one that treats the individual as a whole, looking at the complex connections between the body and the mind that occur during illness and disease. Whether you suffer from anxiety, depression, or any other mental health concern, our goal is the same: to balance the whole individual (body and mind).

What Makes Us Different

Often we need to begin with nutrition and herbal products to help improve symptoms, but we don't stop there. Focusing on a healing path, over the diagnosis, we can identify lifestyle changes that are deep and long lasting. We take a look at the biochemistry and other up-to-date research and combine that with natural and traditional healing such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.

Together we can look at the big picture and help make sense of it all.

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