Trauma Therapy

Trauma Therapy Toronto

Trauma can be defined in many different ways as the way one person experiences trauma can be different across genders, nationalities, and cultures and life experiences. While trauma can be obvious such as surviving abuse or neglect or living through war, it can also be the culmination of years of more minor stressors that have built up and caused issues. No matter the experience, trauma has a large impact on one’s ability to live a healthy and happy life. When trauma becomes unresolved, it can present itself through maladaptive habits, thinking styles and behaviours. When you experience a traumatic event, you may respond immediately or experience a delayed response in the form of  mental, emotional, and physical problems. For some people, living with trauma can cause mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and even personality disorders.  Traumatic experiences are common, with more than 50% of the population reporting having experienced trauma at some point in their lives. Unfortunately many people fell shame, guilt and other difficult emotions surrounding their trauma, while others find it too overwhelming to speak about which can increase their suffering. If you have experienced trauma and were thinking about getting help, it is out there and available to you. Trauma treatment usually begins with an extensive history being done and a full assessment to explore what patterns and ways of thinking that are maladaptive. Specific forms of therapy which have been helpful are CBT, DBT, EMDR as well as interpersonal and attachment based forms. Some clinicians also find it very powerful to incorporate art into their trauma interventions. No matter the type of therapy, it has been shown that when people reach out for help they experience a lessening of their symptoms.

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