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Endometriosis is when the inner lining of the uterus (the endometrium) grows outside of the uterus causing endometrium cells to implant into tissues and organs inside the body (called an endometrioma).  This endometrium tissue can grow on the ovaries, the bladder, or parts of the intestines.  Since this tissue is hormonally active, it still responds to a woman’s monthly cycle and can cause a lot of menstrual pain and other health issues, depending on where these patches grow.  While there is no cure for endometriosis, our aim is to help women manage their symptoms with natural hormonal health support and by reducing inflammation.  Inflammation is what allows the cells to become sticky and grow in new locations in the body, leading to more menstrual pain.

This condition is defined by heavy menstrual flow, and can occur for a variety of reasons such as low iron, high stress, and hormonal problems (such as high estrogen).  It is also affected by diet, digestive health, and liver function.  Women who regularly have heavy periods are at risk for developing a low iron type of anemia, which can cause low energy, fatigue and even make the menstrual flow heavier.  At Greystones Health our first step in addressing menorrhagia is by identifying the root cause with a detailed medical history and blood work.  After an in-depth assessment we can determine how best to support your liver, hormones and digestive health to help naturally manage heavy menstrual flow.

PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome is often thought of having a low or irritable mood associated with changes in hormones.  However, women may experience many other symptoms in addition to the mood changes, such as low energy, cramps, bloating, headaches, acne, food cravings, and feeling cold.  It is important to assess hormone levels with specific lab testing and make sure the problem is not associated with a different health issue, like a thyroid problem.  Once the right lab testing is done we have a variety of great natural treatment options that includes nutritional products, herbal products and acupuncture.

There are many types of cysts that can grow in the ovaries or even in the uterus.  Although there are usually no signs or symptoms with cysts unless they burst open, they can sometimes cause pain and bleeding.  However, if the cyst is very large there can be discomfort, larger cysts can also limit fertility, and if they do burst there can be lots of low back pain. Ovarian cysts are generally linked to the body not clearing out hormones as should naturally happen during menstrual flow.  It’s important to ensure any cysts are not part of a larger problem called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which can be confirmed with a blood test.  After an in-depth assessment we can design a diet and lifestyle treatment program to help reduce the formation of ovarian cysts, talk about natural products, and the use of acupuncture.  We generally do specific lab testing to ensure all biological factors have been investigated.

Recurrent yeast infections are generally associated with a total body ecology (Microbiome) problem, often called candida.  This could result from antibiotic use, be associated with blood sugar problems, or be related to a diet high in carbohydrates (sugars).  Once the ecology of the body is restored, the yeast infections can be prevented.

When the timing of the menstrual cycle is irregular there is generally an imbalance in hormones, such as testosterone being too high or progesterone being too low.  Our stress hormones can also affect the production of menstrual hormones that regulate the cycle, so we need to look at all the hormonesl.  To address this health issue, it is important to have the right lab testing done and identify the cause of the problem.  After identifying the root cause we can use lifestyle and natural products to help heal the body and balance the hormones.

Intense cramping period pain comes from high inflammation in the body and is generally not as much about hormonal health.  With the right lab testing and a detailed history we can find the source of the inflammation, and rule out if there is a hormonal problem.  Very often the diet is linked to the menstrual pain but we need to also consider stress, exercise and sleep.  Generally, we can reduce the intense cramping pain with focused diet and lifestyle changes alone but our Naturopathic Doctor can also suggest some great natural products to help.

The natural change in hormones can be a hard time for many women, but there are some great natural ways to help support the body during this process. Whether you are in the early stages of perimenopause, or have transitioned into menopause, we have you covered with a supportive plan.  At Gresytones Health we tailor the plan to address the specific concern rather than use a one size fits all plan.  This means you feel better faster and without being overwhelmed with products.  For more details on how our naturopaths can help, check out the blog posts here.

This condition is actually less about cysts on the ovaries and is more about high testosterone and blood sugar imbalances.  Most women with PCOS go months without a menstrual cycle, have weight gain and facial hair growth.  By focusing on both blood sugar and testosterone balance, our Naturopathic Doctor can get women back to having a regular cycle naturally with no extra hair growth.  Although PCOS is a complex condition, our treatment plan makes managing symptoms simple for you.

Are you looking to start a family now, or sometime in the future?  Then we can help you prepare.  At Greystones Health we offer fertility support for both men and women from beginning to end.  We can come up with a customized plan to help support egg quality for the female, and sperm health for the male.  This support would include dietary advice, the use of natural products, acupuncture, as well as lifestyle advice which includes stress management techniques and exercise advice. If you have a medical doctor or fertility doctor you are working with, we are happy to work alongside of them.  We also have the option to work with a top fertility clinic that is steps away from our clinic location.

UTI’s that just keep coming back should not always need antibiotics.  We can help you find the root cause behind the constant infection and address it naturally.  We can also help to balance the ecology of whole body, including what affects the bladder.  We look at your whole health to stop this problem once and for all.

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that occurs when the body loses too much bone, and as a result the bones become weak and are susceptible to breaks from a fall or injury.  While there is a huge emphasis on calcium in the diet for bone health, there are other important nutrients that need to be considered as well such as vitamin K and D.  Diet and lifestyle are extremely important for bone health, so at Greystones Health we design a customized plan to help keep your bones healthy and strong.

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We focus on addressing the root problem by combining up-to-date lab tests (such as the Dutch urinary hormone panel), a detailed history that identifies the obstacles to healing, and looking at the mind-body connection. Women's health is complex and needs an equally detailed investigation. It's not enough to say there is a hormonal problem; we need to link hormones to other lifestyle factors and heal the whole person.

What Makes Us Different

Our approach to women’s health is comprehensive, so we identify and treat the foundations that create regular healthy menstrual cycles, allow for thriving in menopause, optimize fertility and allow for healthy pregnancies. The we get you feeling well and go beyond just hormones, from a more positive and stable mood throughout the month, to great digestion, improved energy and a healthy relationship with your body.

As women take on more roles in their lives (career woman, bread winner, mother, caregiver, wife, girlfriend just to name a few) they have less time to take care of their own health. Greystones Health is committed to optimizing women’s health. Our focus on endocrinology and biochemistry can help you find your path to health and wellbeing.

We focus on addressing the root problem by combining up to date lab tests (such at the Dutch urinary hormone panel), a detailed history that identifies the obstacles to healing, and looking at the Mind-Body connection. Women’s health is a complex and needs an equally detailed investigation, it’s not enough to say there is a hormonal problem, we need to link hormones to other lifestyle factors and heal the whole person.

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